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It may be hard to classify Rome in subgenres, but it’s something between folk and dark atmostheric music.
I’ve heard a lot of people calling it neofolk so I was immediately interested. But I’m still looking for what’s new here. In fact it’s more like simple songs with a dark flavour. Then I think it may appeal to singer/songwritter fans with chaotic tendencies.


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Despite the homonymous track is a frentic confusion, Water Curse EP shows that Animal Colletctive continues in abstract and atmospheric directions.
Particularly I hope there are more tracks like Water Curse in their next full release.

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Boris - Smile

Smile didn’t call my attention that much. There are some atmospheric/abstract tracks between rock-oriented tunes.

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Bauhaus - Go Away White

The legend of gothic rock is back with Go Away White. Unfortunately I don’t like it.
They sound out of inspiration so the good moments are in the atmospheric passsages.

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PJ Harvey - White Chalk

White Chalk is the first album by PJ Harvey I listen to from the first to the last track.

It’s absolutely different from her previous albums, that’s why I decided to give it a try.

And she sounds acoustic. Lots of pianos and odd instruments. There’s an ethereal mood all over the album.
It hasn’t called my attention on the first listening but it’s a kind of album that requires some time.

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101A - One Day

101A is a japanese band that mixes electronic sounds, heavy guitars and experimental textures.
Their sound remind me a little bit of Star of Ash. There are some good moments here.

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CocoRosie - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

Third album by the duo CocoRosie.
If you liked Noah’s Ark you won’t be disappointed with The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn.
I think this time the Casady sisters are sounding a little more synthesized, since they’re using more electronic noise yet keeping the atmospheric style of Noah’s Ark.

The alternation on the vocals keep the album fresh and interesting varying from clever hip-hop to deep ethereal atmosphere.
I think the album requires some attention from the listener, but it gets more and more interesting on each listening.

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