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Frakkur is the name for this Sigur Rós’ leader solo release.
Songs for the Little Boy sounds nothing like Jónsi‘s band. It’s electronic ambient, reminds me of Múm.


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Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye

Ulrich Schnauss is a german composer and producer, somehow hype in europe.
He makes relaxing music, which can be described as a mix of Cocteau Twins and Eya, yet fresh.
Fine stuff, I liked it.

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Budd, Raymonde, Guthrie, Fraser - The Moon and the Melodies

A cooperation bewteen the Cocteau Twins and the american ambient composer Harold Budd.

This is a very good release, featuring full CT as we know them plus hypnotic synthesizers by Budd. It’s slower and more calm than most CT releases, but it’s perfect for background music or relaxing/medidating.

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Tujiko Noriko -  Hard Ni Sasete (Make Me Hard)

Tujiko Noriko makes a soft and delicate experimental music.
This is a thoughtful yet relaxing album. A very nice rest for tired experimentalist heads.

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Gang Gang Dance - Revival of the Shittest

This is a great recording. Generally when I don’t like noise music it’s due to lack of cohesion or lack of “something to express”.
But on Revival of the Shittest, Gang Gang Dance made a different approach. There’s different synthsized sounds, and the drums seem to fast up and slow down all the time, which give a kind of trance or hypnotic sensation.

The sound is very direct on a “noise manner”, I think that’s the GGD trump.

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Patton & Kaada - Romances

Colaboration between Mike Patton and his Ipecac norwergian fellow Kaada.

This is a tough one to start listening to.
Facing it just like music probably is wrong. The secret is think that it was made to work like a soundtrack.
Then “wow”. It makes much more sense.

When the cinematic ambient of Kaada mets the mocking experimental music of Patton what we have is live-and-changing music that has no patterns or standards. The textures varies so much that makes me think what is the plot of it all.

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Air - Pocket Symphony

The so awaited Air album. I’m sure nobody could bet how it would sound like.

And they’re more albient/chillout than ever!
I’d say that this is the most relaxing album by the french duo.
And at the same time Pocket Symphony has no great pop hits like its predecessor. So it will frustate some fans.

I think the album is clearly better produced, all things are carefully placed in a delicate balance. Every instrument sounds impressevely vivid, though the album sounds very like background music.

Another different step to Air, not catchy, but still good.

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