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Absolute classic of Nu / Acid Jazz.


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Aievea - Scared of Jazz

Aievea is an acid jazz band from Romania.
Scared of Jazz, their unique album, has amazing relaxing tracks plus some ethnic elements.

Unfortunately they’re totally underrated. If you like acid jazz you must know Aievea.
Great stuff.

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Rovo - Mon

Rovo is a side project by Seiichi Yamamoto, Boredoms‘ guitarrist and Bondage Fruit‘s violinist Yuji Katsui.

They’re doing some relaxing music here instead of their regular bands’ sound. Plus some fresh acid jazz mood.

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Bugz in the Attic - Back in the Doghouse

Awesome electro dancing album.
In fact Bugz in the Attic is a collective of english DJs. They make funk electro dance stuff. With acid jazz and retro funk and influences.
The best moments are Booty La la, Knocks Me Off My Feet, Don’t Stop The Music and my favourite Consequences.

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Jamiroquai - The Return of the Space Cowboy

Critically acclaimed as the best Jamiroquai album I’d say it’s very fine indeed. But I like more energetic stuff.

The Return of the Space Cowboy, as any other Jamiroquai album is fulfilled with  downtempo dance tracks. I love the retro thing they put out, but I’m more into fast tracks like Kids.

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