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Charango marks Morcheeba‘s career as a transitional album from trip hop to a wider mix of styles. At least it’s what critics say.

I find Charango an inconsistent collection, from a band that is trying to discover its various faces.
They please me when they’re doing chillout. So São Paulo is obviously my favorite track. And I’m definitely checking their discography.


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Field Music is quite something. I couldn’t believe my ears that only three guys could craft such an amazing music.
Tones of Town reminds me a big mix of Supertramp, of Montreal with some experimental hints like Deerhoof, besides the obvious Beatles influence.
But everything sounds classic like Electric Light Orchestra.

I don’t want to mean they’re a collection of pre-made elements, they joyfully remind me of those names but they’re so good at it, they’re cool.

The vocal harmonies are just bliss, the melodies are wonderful.
I regret not knowing them before.

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First studio release by Zack de La Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) and Jon Theodore (ex-The Mars Volta).

Fans of RATM may like it. The production is rough and the arrangements are the simplest possible.

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Dark Captain Light Captain is a folk + delicate synths outfit from England.
The music is very pleasurable and quite reminds me of nice stuff like José Gonzalez and Tape.

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