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Alext Turner in a retro western daydream, and he’s in good company, Miles Kane makes the guitar parts one of the most pleasurable things in The Age of the Understatement.

I’d say for the first impressions.

In fact that’s what I feel in the first 5 songs, but slowly the duo take you to unimaginable lands.
From the surprising retro western moods to a full fledged luxury produced 60’s rock extravaganza.

Everything is so right and well placed.
Turner‘s voice is known territory. That’s what will guide doubtful ears.
The orchestra and additional stuff give so much content to the music. It’s easy as “enter the gentle strings, now the song has a soul”.

The album goes deeper both in substance and experiment and in my opinion find its climax at the 7th and 8th tracks, respectively My Mistakes Were Made For You and Black Plant, where Turner and Kane blend themselves with the rest of the music completely.

A brilliant album and masterpiece of audio production. It deserves careful auditions to be aware of everything that’s happening. 10/10 rating.


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It may be hard to classify Rome in subgenres, but it’s something between folk and dark atmostheric music.
I’ve heard a lot of people calling it neofolk so I was immediately interested. But I’m still looking for what’s new here. In fact it’s more like simple songs with a dark flavour. Then I think it may appeal to singer/songwritter fans with chaotic tendencies.

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Opeth is a different kind of death metal outfit that mixes progressive and folk elements to craft a particular sound.
Since the whole metal scene is going through a creativity crisis, I was curious about how the next step of one of the most successful metal bands would be.

Unfortunately Watershed stayed on Opeth‘s defined formula. A little more emphatic on the softer parts.
Opeth recycles what they have done the last decade. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Orthodox fans should be satisfied, but there’s a risk of getting repetitive.
My opinion is, mimicing yourself is a definitive let down. Therefore, in block minded times for heavy metal, maybe it’s wiser to stay where you are than going ahead and fail.

I’d point out Hex Omega as my fav track.

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Despite the homonymous track is a frentic confusion, Water Curse EP shows that Animal Colletctive continues in abstract and atmospheric directions.
Particularly I hope there are more tracks like Water Curse in their next full release.

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Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! is good, substantial old fashioned rock with a mint production. The album is diverse yet concise and enloyable. The homonymous track is good and Moonland has a hint of The Cure‘s Lullaby.
My fav track is Lie Down Here (And Be My Girl).

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Buena Vista Social Club was a famous club in Cuba, in the first half of the past century.
It has vanished in time but in 1997 Ray Cooder brought it back to life. He reunited some people who played in the club at its gold times, for a last session.
So above all, this is a nostalgic moment. Also sad if you think that this good music was forgot for decades.

This record is a jewel, a romantic portrait of salsa and latin culture not only for Cuba but Latin America as a whole.
If you can’t like a song in this album you can’t like latin music.

Finally, anyone who like this album must check out the DVD with the same name. It’s a register of Cooder‘s effort to gather people who played in the Buena Vista Social Club, to record this album.

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Good post rock. Full of energy and personality.

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