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Guillemots - Red

This is the first album by Guillemots I listen to, fully. At first listening Red sounds like simple deconstructive pop.
To me it required more attention and patience until the simple patterns were getting into my head.
Right now I think Kriss Kross is addictive.


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Boy Kill Boy - Stars and the Sea

Second album by the english band. I haven’t heard their first recording but Stars and the Sea sounds like a modern rock band trapped in the 90’s.
They’re not bad in their fastest songs, but the album hasn’t a highlight.

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Stephen Malkmus - Real Emotional Trash

Rough and with less electronic effects than its predecessor, Real Emotional Trash sounds almost like stoner rock. But Malkmus‘ sense of songwriting (oftenly flirting with 60’s rock) don’t let things go that far.

Real Emotional Trash is ok but there’s no catchy songs on it.

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Boris - Smile

Smile didn’t call my attention that much. There are some atmospheric/abstract tracks between rock-oriented tunes.

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This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You EP

I’m afraid most instrumental rock bands today sound like a standard. I’m starting not to distinguish them.

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John Zorn - The Dreamers

Another fine album to John Zorn extensive career. This one is a good mix of soft jazz and bluesy guitars.

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Scenes and Sirens - The South Will Dance Again

The emo/hardcore and electro mixing haven’t worked for Scenes and Sirens.

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