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This is the best folk album I’ve listened to in months. I’m no much into folk music so I cannot fluently cite influences but almost everything here is good. Mainly Liam‘s voice.

Absolutely recommended to folk kids.


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Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is a strange outfit of african music and indie rock. Relatively well-known in internet, their first album brings tracks released last year.

The vocals remind me of Matt Safer (The Rapture).

My fav track is Oxford Comma.

I think Vampire Weekend is an interesting band, but I don’t share the enthusiasm of most reviews on the net.

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The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Keep Your Eyes Ahead, the new album by the Helio Sequence is something interesting in indie/alternative rock.

They sometimes sound a little like Belle & Sebastian more distorted. People call them shoegaze, I don’t know their previous albums , but Keep Your Eyes Ahead has nothing to do with shoegaze or dream pop in my opinion.

On the second half of the album we can clearly hear Bob Dylan influences. That may contrast with their indie rock side, but surprisinly it’s not a let down.

My fav tracks are Can’t Say No and The Captive Mind.

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Brainiac - Bonsai Superstar

Second album by Brianiac, considered by some fans as their best, Bonsai Superstar is a cool experimental rock with crazy vocals and tripping moods, kind of psychedelic.
The album starts tightly and gets more and more chaotic till total mess. Fans of Mike Patton would love it.

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The Teenagers - Reality Check

At the very first seconds I noticed a strong Lali Puna influence on the Teenagers first album.
That influence goes on and on and that’s just it.
Frankly I think the Teenagers could be much more if they don’t repeat their formula so much.

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2007 Top 10 Albums

After struggling for so long with myself I finally managed to get a 2007 top 10. I still have a few albums to write about here, but no one of them until now seems to have room in my top 10. So here’s my list (before it’s february :P), it has no order. It’s just the 10 albums I like the best:

Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare
I don’t know how much I’ve listened to this album. It’s full of hits. Arctic Monkeys is probably my favourite indie “dance” rock band.

Blonde Redhead – 23
23 was a huge surprise. I was a Blonde Redhead fan before this album, but it settled new standards for these guys. I love the more accessible approach.

Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity
Friend Opportunity is also a more accessible album by a complex band. I love every in it.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Calibration (Is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far)
Omar released a whole bunch of albums this year. And this one is my favourite. It’s his freashiest work released in 2007.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet – The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange
Althought, The Apocalypse is a hell of a good album, I think it shows a more mature Omar, instead of a fully experimental one.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Works
Best metal album in 2007. In such a poor year for heavy music, these guys saved the world once again.

Justice – Cross
Simply the best electronic album of 2007. They are the oversized sons of Daft Punk. They made me wake up for the french electronic music.

Felix da Housecat – Virgo Blaktro & the Movie Disco
It still seems to me like electronic music to hear at home, and it’s delicious that way.

Bjork – Volta
Maybe Bjork looked back and thought “there’s more stuff to release with a familiar sound”.

Róisín Murphy – Overpowered
For some weeks I just couldn’t stop listening to Overpowered, Let me Know and Dear Miami.

And I’d love to include Klaxons in this list, because they have 2 or 3 amazing hits but the rest of the album is ordinary in my opinion.

And unfortunately I think 2007 I had a lot of delusions.
Agua de Annique, Air, Bloc Party, Dream Theater and Hot Hot Heat (again) just broke my heart. I hope they stop and think about why they are who they are today.

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His Name Is Alive - XMMER

XMMER  has a little bit of a lot of things. But I think His Name is Alive didn’t manage to hit any of these things deep enough.

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