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New Ruins - The Sound They Make

First full length album by the american duo New Ruins.

The album starts with a solid Strokes-ish song, Ships. I thought I was in front of one more indie rock replica.
But the second track, Nameless confused me, it’s acoustic, folk. And most of the next 9 tracks are folk. Relaxing folk.

No other song called my attention immediately like the first two ones. But it’s still a very fine debut.


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Primal Scream - Screamadelica

I always heard lots about Primal Scream and their creativity.

So I tried their album that is acclaimed as the best one, Screamadelica.

I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me. I think it sounds too dated.
And the lyrics are the worst part in my opinion.

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Bill Evans - Sunday at the village Vanguard

Bill Evans is one of the most expressive names in cool jazz. He inspired countless famous pianists and his music is still vivid even for today standards.

Sunday at the Village Vanguard is one of his most important works and was recorded live with his trio.

The first track, Gloria’s Step just blew me away. Do you know when you don’t want to go to the next track and repeat that one 3 or 4 times?

Bill Evans‘ music is relaxing yet complex. It’s sophisticated and soft.
Highly recommended, one of the greatest stuff I discovered these last weeks.

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LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

Sound of Silver is the first album I’ve listened by LCD Soundsystem. (I have a little prejudice against too famous names).

There are some good dance hits but nothing really called my attention. And I don’t like the rock sections, where Mr Murphy seems to use The StrokesĀ  and The Rapture formulas.

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Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release

After listening to the new LCD Soundsystem album I was hungry for dance music. The first full length album by Simian Mobile Disco is on the list of recommended 2007’s albums at allmusic.com. I tried it.

And WOW. What a hot dance album. It’s quite a retro stuff, like late 80’s electro and 90’s techno. And it’s good as hell. The songs are very distinct. They come from 80’s hip hop music like I Got this Down (my fav) and go to 1990’s dance like Husler (another great hit. I feel I like I already knew it. Do you feel the same?) to 1990’s techno like Tits & Acid. They even have an experimental track, Scott, that reminds me of Plone.

Amazing album, party-in-a-box.

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Cocteau Twins - The BBC Sessions

A BBC Sessions record could have had everything to be the definitve live collection by Cocteau Twins. It embrances the whole Twins carreer, from their early post-punk times to their 1990’s twilight.

The first songs are great. But as the timeline goes further the sound of Cocteau Twins becomes more and more elaborated and sophisticated. In such a manner that there aren’t enough guitars to fill the gaps of their late 80’s and 90’s songs.
Not even the always perfect voice of Liz Fraser could hide the thin sound that was made on those sessions.
It’s a shame, because I watched lots of live footage of Four-Calendar Cafe and Milk and Kisses tours and they were awesome, featuring two guitarists plus Guthrie.

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Chat Baker - Baby Breeze

In Baby Breeze we have Chet Baker at full throttle. Awesome stuff. Master of cool jazz.

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