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Druids of Stonehenge - Creation

I’ve got this album randomly and couldn’t get much information about it. I don’t know for sure if The Druids of Stonehenge are from Canada or UK. Anyways.

It’s pure 60’s psychedelic rock. The vocals are mostly the worst sounding thing, but there are a few good moments.


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Solar Powered People

Debut album by the californian band.
They make shoegaze as a shoegaze fan will like. I didn’t find it catchy, neverthless I’m keeping the album in my files.

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Rovo - Mon

Rovo is a side project by Seiichi Yamamoto, Boredoms‘ guitarrist and Bondage Fruit‘s violinist Yuji Katsui.

They’re doing some relaxing music here instead of their regular bands’ sound. Plus some fresh acid jazz mood.

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Kasabian - Kasabian

First album by the english band. Here they mixed lots of britrock with some psychedelia, reminds me of Kula Shaker. The mixture delivered some fine moments (I must say I don’t like the pure britrock sections).

My fav tracks are Club Foot, I.D and U Boat.

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The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love

Pieces Of The People We Love have some awesome disco-dance hits. They are Don Gon do It (where Luke Jenner does amazing vocals which invoke Freddy Mercury), Get Myself into It and The Devil.

If this record had only these 3 tracks I’d say it’s perfect. But there are more 7 tracks that didn’t call my attention.

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Bauhaus - In the Flat Field

Probably the most seminal goth rock album. Bauhaus among other bands like Joy Division established the mood and shape of post punk with In the Flat Feed.

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch

Musically it’s the same as Omar‘s self-titled album and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Damo Suzuki.
So it’s basically a jam by The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group plus spoken words by Lydia Lunch.

Conceptually it’s interesting:
Imagine you’ve spent most of a party talking to Mr. Amputechture. He’s solemn and moderate about his ideas.
You get rid of him and take a walk.
A few hours later you find Mr. Amputechture drunk lying on the couch. He’s unrestrained now. He talks a lot. He spits out truths and silliness.

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