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LITE - Filmlets

This week I discovered that in Japan, mainly in Tokyo there’s a really good math / post / instrumental rock scene. There are plenty of bands making high level music which can be compared to western huge names like Tortoise, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeedyou! Black Emperor. And frankly, these guys rocks and have very much energy to make lots of good stuff fast.

LITE is a more math rock oriented instrumental music. But they’re quite exciting.


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Ephel Duath - Painter’s Palette

Ephel Duath is probably the most interesting progressive / experimental act coming from Italy.
They mix brutal guitars and vocals with jazz interludes and psychedelic behaviour.

There are so many and so different things happening that at the first auditions everything will sound like a big mess.
So I’d say Painter’s Pallete requires attention some attention from the listener.

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Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory

My favourite album by Dream Theater.

I think DT has a serious problem. They’re naturally old fashioned guys. They’re not experimental, avant-garde or modern. When they try these strange fields they fail. (Yes, I’m talking mainly about their newest albums)

In Scenes from a Memory it seems evrybody relaxed and just looked back to their inspirations, influences and their stuff which achieved success.

Through Scenes from a Memory DT is not trying to change the world or revolutionize the music. They’re just being themselves. And they made of the sweetest albums to progressive music.

Portnoy‘s egos is in its place. You can hear Myung setting the ground all over the album, with absurd and ingenious riffs shared with Petrucci‘s guitar. Petrucci is a guitar legend, he’s a master from slow and emotional solos to burning shredding. And yet he keeps the rythm guitar parts as rythm, making the whole music greater.
Rudess was the newbie at that time. But his guitar-esque solos is evident since so.
LaBrie‘s vocals aren’t pyrotechnic. He’s quite attentive about what he can do.

A true pleasure for prog fans or rock musicians. Challenging music like this made the name of Dream Theater.

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Enter Shikari - Take to the Skies

Enter Shikari is an english band that mixes in the same pan post-hardcore and 90’s techno synthesizers.
It may sound strange. And it is.
I think if you like techno music you won’t have problems with the synts. But that wasn’t my case.

They have a bunch of energy but I don’t like the 90’s electro stuff, and I really don’t like the screaming vocals here.
Too bad. I hope they come back more mature on the next album.

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Tomahawk - Anonymous

If you was waiting for an alternative rock album with a pinch of Patton‘s insanity you’ll be surprised.
The fourth album by Tomahawk is more like an american native indian collective of chants and songs.

Mike Patton‘s fans will not take it hard to be friends with Anonymous.

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Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye

Ulrich Schnauss is a german composer and producer, somehow hype in europe.
He makes relaxing music, which can be described as a mix of Cocteau Twins and Eya, yet fresh.
Fine stuff, I liked it.

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The Organ - Grab that Gun

Some girls making post punk music. If you like The Smiths you should give it a try.
I’ve got bored around the 4th track but maybe the 80’s die hard fans would appreciate.

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