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Seksu Roba - Pleasure Vibration

Second studio album by the japanese/korean synth pop/shibuya-kei duo Seksu Roba.
This album is mostly sexy. Thanks to Lu*na Menoh‘s delicious voice.
The music varies from a up-tempo synth pop full of retro sounds to acid jazz with bossa nova rythms.

A very good collaboration, unfortunately underrated and probably understimate by their own labels.

Lu*na Menoh live performance is a must see. I mean, the vision of she dancing with nunchucks is breathtaking.


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Cocteau Twins - Milk & Kisses

Last studio album by the scottish band I love the best.

Here they seem to have made a step back to sound more like their 80’s recordings.

I think the problems between Liz and Robin deeply influenced both music and lyrics. That made Milk & Kisses the saddest Cocteau Twins‘ album in my opinion. Even the most up-tempo songs seem to have a little stain of sadness.

But in this album is the song that has one of my favourite lyrics ever, Rilkean Heart.

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Steve Hillage - Fish Rising

First studio album by Steve Hillage as solo artist. Just after he left Gong.

This is an impressive mature record. Consistent tracks and solid instrumental structure. Due to the high musical level of his crew.

Fish Rising is a delightful fresh mixture of progressive and psychedelic rock, plus some good anvant-garde and jazz/fusion influence.

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Devendra Banhart - Rejoincing in the Hands

Second studio album by Devendra Banhart.
This is a good folk album, focused on Devendra‘s vocals. With minimalistic acoustic guitar parts and other instruments.

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Renaissance - Ashes are Burning

Ashes are Burning is a good progressive rock / folk album by Renaissance.
They have some very fine produced tracks, with orchestration and stuff. The music flows good and cool but Annie Haslam‘s vocals seem cold and insecure. She does too much semitones (a thing I consider unforgivable to a studio record).

I’ll certainly check out other Renaissance albums and I hope I’ll find better vocals.

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Rush - Hemispheres

The early phase of Rush (which goes up to begin of the 80’s) remains as one of my all time favourite bands.

It seems very clear to me that Hemispheres is one of the most consistent and sonically cohesive albums by Rush. Besides being one of the sweetest pieces of music on Hard and Progressive Rock history.

The balance between inspiration, creativity, mastering technic and aggressiveness is at their best.
Everything blended with a magical fictional theme.

All songs are instant classics, but La Villa Strangiato stays for me as the hypothetic best instrumental song on Rock n’ Roll.

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Carla Bley - Big Band Theory

Nice piece of soft jazz.

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