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Animal Collective - Sung Tongs

first I’ve listened by Animal Collective.

Honestly, when I finished the first audition I thought it’s a very inconsistent album, and tha some tracks were totally dispensable.

After lots of listenings my opinion changed, but just a little bit.
Now I think this is a very inconsistent album, therefore you need to pay attention to see Animal Collective‘s beauty.

Some tracks are too downtempo/ambient.
Those are the tracks I found dispensable at the beginning. Now I think you must be in the right mood to appreciate it.K

Kids on Holiday for instance, is a very monotone track. But it’s the perfect soundtrack for monotone moments. Like a ‘potentiator’.

I think the best shots of Sung Tongs are on the first half of the album.
Leaf House, Who Could Win a Rabbit and Winters Love are very fine and quirky at the same time. Its energy flows out impressevely.


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Dream Theater - Awake

Awake is one of my fav albums by Dream Theater.
These guys really created something new here mixing heavy metal with high technical progressive rock. All members are in their best, the creativity flows plentifully. The mood is dark, sad, full of rage and questioning.

Personally I don’t like most of Dream Theater‘s lyrics, but this album has the best ones in my opinion, like in Voices, Scarred and Space Dye-Vest.

The instrumental is just outstanding. There’s no much to talk about it. A masterpiece.

Surely one of the most influential and revolucionary albums released on the 90’s.

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Dream Theater - Images & Words

Many fans consider Images & Words as the “real” first album by Dream Theater, and I’m one of them.

It features James LaBrie as the vocalist, the audio production and composing skills seem to be ready to go, and now they have the support of a big label.

Also I don’t consider I&W as the so called “progressive metal”. It’s not this heavy. The first track Pull me Under is surely the heaviest one, but it’s not enough to make the whole album “metal”. So I call it “progressive hardrock”.

After all, Images & Words is a mark to rock music. It pushed the boundaries of progressive and technical music to new levels. Like Rush did many years before. So the comparisons between them is common.

Despite the fact of many orthodox fans of progressive rock don’t like Dream Theater music, this album is a totally must to any hard/heavy rocker.

All musicians are five stars on their obligations, so there’s no much bads on this thing. Maybe the only thing I don’t like is the triggered drums, it sounds too artificial. A crime that Portnoy never committed again in the studio.

Pratically all the tracks are great anthems, but I’d point out Take the Time, Surrounded, Metropolis Pt.1, Wait for Sleep and Learning to Live as my fav songs.

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Aghora - Immortal Bliss

First album by the metal/jazz fusion act Aghora.
Aghora is the brainchild of Santiago Dobles, who gathered some high technichal musicians like Sean Malone and Sean Reinert. Both ex-Cynic.

As an independent record, the production quality is poor. Specially for the guitars, which sound a little lifeless.
But these details don’t obscure the guys’ talent.

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The 3rd and the Mortal - Painting on Glass

This album is surely ten steps. But back or ahead?

Two years after releasing Memoirs, the norwegian band T3ATM recorded Painting on Glass. And it seems that they were sorry about the so misunderstood predecessor.

I mean they shyly got back to metal tunes and operatic female vocals.
But I like to think they’ve awaken about not stepping over someone’s footsteps.

Painting on Glass is surely the most atmospheric album by T3ATM. And fortunately it holds a little of Memoirs experimental mood.
I like very much the diffused guitar sound.
There’s some ethnic elements which refers to Dead can Dance, I think.

The bad thing is that it’s sounding too retracted, limited. The string chords are mostly too long, and the drums can be tiring after a while.

Hopefully we have refreshing short tracks like Crystal Orchids, Aurora Borealis and Stairs.
But I like some full tracks like Dreamscapes and Horizons.

A more concise album, but cohesion is still the weak point of T3ATM.

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The 3rd and the Mortal - Memoirs

The most controversial album by The 3rd and the Mortal and overall a totally underrated piece of work.

T3ATM” always was a band of rough experiments. I can perfectly uderstand that on 2002 the gothic metal subgenre was absolutely saturated. And I see Memoirs as a desperate act of escaping.

Lots of guest appearences, spoken-word songs, no more metal guitars, electronic beats and textures, experimental vocals and so. Definetly Memoirs is an strange album.

I think “strange” is often a good characteristic to music. But in this case everything is so sparse, sometimes vague, sometimes excessively concentrated…
You may think this album is a compilation of more than one band.

The radical renovations in addition to the lack of cohesion, given to a mostly orthodox audience like heavy metal fans made this album a total disaster.

Curiously this is my fav album by T3ATM, in spite of some questionable tracks.
But that’s the cool about experimental stuff.

Memoirs starts with two great songs. And they’re the highlights of the album along the sixth track, Fools like Us.

But don’t you think the rest of the album is bullshit. T3ATM will for better or worse surprise you.

I complain the world for not appreciating this album, which is clearly an immature glitter of innovative creativity.

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Dungen - Tio Bitar

I finally put my hands on this thing.

2007’s Dungen album is surely the most awaited. After the doubts of Stadsvandringar and the explosion of Ta de Lugnt, Gustav Ejstes is on a new label and happy (I suppose).

Tio Bitar shows some differences against the past albums: It’s far less folk and far more psychedelic rock.

The songs are a parade of guitars and flutes, with tense-and-pulsing-and-magic organs, frantic drums and everything tightly tied with superb melodies.

The album itself reminds me lots of Ta de Lugnt, but in a good way. Because Tio Bitar has big loads of personality. Everything is sounding more original and fresh, despite of Dungen’s trademark: the vintage sound.

I’m afraid Tio Bitar can not show the pop appeal that Ta de Lugnt did, but it has in my opinion some of the best songs by Dungen.

Personally I’m addicted to Så Blev Det Bestämt.

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